About Us

We are fish scale handmade jewelry artists, playing a role to rescue culture with social impact. Our fashion statement jewels are the image of joy and fascination for living and a reminder of the love for nature as the fish that gave us the uniqueness of its skin to create new treasures


An unforgettable childhood memory is a day when walking near the market of the old city by the sea with my grandfather, I could see something in the sand that shone in the distance. I ran closer to discover something beautiful, a treasure that without a doubt came from the sea.

My dear grandfather, who loved marine life, told me that it was a very special fish scale since it belonged to a specie that swam from one sea to another and only approached the coast once a year.

With the help of a needle and fishing line, he pierced the fish scale to make a necklace, and when he put it on me, he told me that the beauty of the ocean would always be with me, as the love and eternal splendor of the fish that lost its scale.

María Eugenia Martínez de Mosquera

With that same enthusiasm, ALMA DOS MARES was born, where we design and create handmade fish scale jewelry so that every woman who wears It; feels special, unique, and connects with the abundance of two seas. Looking beautiful while being aware of our surroundings, remembering that fish that one day lost its scale to give us a treasure of great beauty and the soul of the sea.


When you purchase one of our jewelry items, 90% of the piece is handmade by humble artisans that work together along with me to recover the beauty of the fish scale crafting, a very ancient technique with more than 200 years that was almost about to disappear.

All our jewelry is inspired in the evolution of nature from the seeds to beautiful flowers and the crawl of insects such as butterflies and dragonflies. That’s the reason why we care about sustainability and move our efforts to support the marine ecosystem and the cultural preservation by the education to students.

With actions such as recovering fish scales that was destinated as trash from fish markets and giving them a new use up to create story books to talk about the history of the culture of the people of a country and Latin America.


2018 Artisan Excellence Exporter Award – Recognized by the Panamanian Exporter Association and the Ministry of Commerce as the most talented Artisan handmade product with export quality.

2018 Third place as a Women Empowering Entrepreneurship. Honored as finalist among 100+ participant entrepreneur qualify by the National Entrepreneurship Committee and the National Authority of Micro and Small Companies from Panama.

2019 we win the right to participate as international guests among applicant from all America in the Women & Business Contest in the Pacific Trade Show from the Toronto Chamber of Commerce, Canada.